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Good Deeds: The Easiest Way to get started with Daoism

Starting Out

Very often in life we want to know why we are doing something before we actually do it, especially if it’s something new. Daoism isn’t always like that, and if you try to make it that way sometimes you move further away from the Dao instead of towards it.

There are many aspects to Daoist practice, but by far the easiest and best starting point is good deeds. So do some good deeds. It doesn’t matter what they are or how many you do, just do some. Don’t ask yourself why you are doing it – try not to think about that, and don’t tell anyone else why you’re doing it. Simply do good deeds – that’s it.

Through practice, The Great Way accepts you – you feel like you are becoming part of it or merging with it. Actually you were always part of it, but you will become more aware of it. The “why” usually comes later and isn’t something that can easily be put into words.

Daoist texts are often like this – they re-inforce the progress you have already made, they don’t cause you to make the progress in the first place.

Don’t stop doing good deeds – from now on, good deeds are what you do.

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